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Welcome to Purple People Eaters!

We are glad to have you here!  Check out our site to find out more about us and once you're done you can apply to join at any time!  We are currently looking for all classes and characters.  Purple People Eaters is a fun, family-style guild dedicated to helping its members enjoy the game more.  We don't care if you're good or evil so long as you are willing to help.  If helping means you have to sacrifice a baby, then knock yourself out! We don't judge.
(No babies were actually harmed in the making of this website.)  
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Anybody out there?

Purplelilydoodle, Jul 1, 10 11:18 PM.
Hey all.   Still not sure I wanna invest the time and money into playing, so I haven't.  I pulled off my 4.0 GPA and don't wanna get hooked again and then need to go back to school in the Fall.  Hope everybody is doing well.  If anybody reads this and wants to take official possession of the guild from me, let me know.  I can be reached at


Chaaz has been found....ALIVE!

Purplelilydoodle, Apr 12, 10 11:10 PM.
I am still alive!   Not sure if anybody checks this, but school has been keeping me pretty busy.  Gotta maintain my 4.0 GPA after all. :)  I hope to return to Norrath after finals sometime middle-end of May.   Hopefully we still have a guild left when I get back, but if you should decide to pursue other options, know that I would not be offended.  I just don't have the time to play much right now and it's not worth paying for something that I would rarely have time to play.  So, I'm not playing at all and saving the dough.  Hope everybody is well.


We have a Winner!

Purplelilydoodle, Nov 2, 09 11:50 AM.
Duvelu WINS!  Duvelu is the first new recruit to make it to the rank of Hero and therefore wins the New Recruit Challenge.  He was the underdog for a long time and then he just soared out of the gate and came from behind to win.  Great job to everybody who tried to compete for this.


New Guild Hall Votes! Login and Vote!

Purplelilydoodle, Sep 29, 09 12:53 PM.
We have 3 more amenities slots in the guild hall now that we've hit level 40!  I have chosen what I believed to be the top 10 amenities for you to vote on.  If you want an amenity that is not in the list, let Chaaz or an officer know.  Otherwise, login to the site and click the voting tab option at the top to place your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for new amenities in the guild hall.  Voting closes on October 5th!  You can't complain if you don't vote!


Surprise is coming to get you Burtrain!

Purplelilydoodle, Sep 22, 09 12:27 PM.
SURPRISE! He's a Mercenary too!   He's on his way to get you, Burtrain.  If you're dead set on being the first Hero of the new recruits you better get there quickly!  I'm enjoying a good race.  Who does everybody think will win the challenge?  Will it be Surprise or Burtrain?  Or, will YOU pass up both of them?  I wouldn't rule out anybody yet.  Who's it gonna be?  Only time will tell.

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